Why GreenStreet?

GreenStreet’s priority is to ensure that the business owner's needs are met. By focusing our resources on acquiring a single business, we are able to provide a customized deal that caters to the owner’s financial and non-financial needs. We are also committed to continuing the legacy and building on the existing foundations of the business.

Value Proposition

  • Customized Terms.
    At GreenStreet, we are committed to working with the business owner to structure a deal that addresses their concerns.
  • Liquidity.
    GreenStreet is able to deploy capital made available by its investors promptly and effectively.
  • Smart Capital.
    Our capital comes with a team that is committed to ensuring that the business grows and becomes the leader in its industry.

The GreenStreet Advantage

  • Individual Focus. By focusing on a single acquisition, GreenStreet is able to provide unparalleled service to its business partners and dedicate its resources to ensuring that the business succeeds post-acquisition.
  • Long-term Commitment. As a group of successful operators, we know that true success comes with hard-work, smart business decisions and patience.
  • GreenStreet Cares. At GreenStreet, we don’t just look at the numbers. We also look at making a difference in our employees, communities and stakeholders around us.
  • Growth Opportunities. Our team has had great success in identifying and capturing new avenues of growth and we plan to use that experience to grow the business.

Acquisition Process

  • Experienced Team. Our Board of Directors will include seasoned entrepreneurs and businessmen that have built their careers growing small businesses. Their experience will not only ensure a simple and straight-forward process, but also provide the resources to grow the business post-acquisition.
  • Due Diligence. We maintain strict confidentiality and work efficiently to minimize any adverse effects on the business.
  • Smooth Transition. By taking the time to understand the business and setting a plan for a clear transition, GreenStreet will ensure that the adverse effects of the acquisition are minimized. This may include a board seat or consulting role for the business owner.